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A lovesick witch brings her boyfriend back from the dead, only to discover her "boyfriend" isn't the person either of them thought she was. This leads both of them to discover parts of themselves they had long denied.

This is a short preview written for Light Novelber 2018, and I'd like to finish it in the coming months. 

Edit: realized I forgot to upload the pdf! Whoops!


Deadname Chapter 1.pdf 40 kB
Deadname Chapter 1.epub 5 kB


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I love the premise, its adorable. The style is nice and does a lot to make a comfortable setting without really forcing any details? Its good because i care about the characters and get a lot of condensed progress and emotion without stopping to hear about clothing choices or decor. 

The "good thing im straight" hurt a lot. Like... You brought back your "boyfriend" and now that shes not a boy you just arent gonna think any harder into that? And she seems to want to get a new body for the boyfriend but is this just a "obviously im straight so obviously our relationship is on hold for now"? Oof fucking ouch. 

Im certainly psyched for their relationship going forward. Plently of room for hijinks. 


omg this is bursting with potential! keep it up!